Black tea, or Red tea as it is called in Asia, is the most popularized tea among the British and Europe. Qimen tea, from China, is one of the base teas used to make the icon English Breakfast blend. Beyond this, the Chinese have made black teas that are unique such as Golden Needles. This tea, in contrast to Silver Needles, has a beautiful Golden hue due to maximized oxidation. All black tea is fully oxidized and because of this has the highest content of caffeine than any other color of tea. The most popular western market teas include Lapsang Souchong, a smoked tea with a very distinct smell and flavor akin to pine needles smoke, and Qimen which was described earlier. These hearty teas should be brewed with hot water ranging from 205-212F. It is very much recommended to try black teas from many countries as each country has its own take on how a black tea should taste (this is also affected by the cultivar it is grown in). Aside from China, India's Assam teas are also very popular Black tea varieties.

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