Rumi's Chai*

rumi's chai
rumi's chai

Rumi's Chai*


Indian black tea, ginger, cardamom, and rose petals brew to make one hefty cup of tea.  It is bold and unapologetic about it.  Enjoy alone or with dessert.  

$10 for 2oz. of loose-leaf tea

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Ingredients:  Black tea*, ginger*, cardamom* and roses*

Tasting Notes:  Spicy tea, warming from the inside out,  hits in the nose as well as the mouth.   Pairs well with milk and/or sugar

Brew Instructions:  3 grams (1 tsp.), Water temp:  200 for 3-5mins depending on your preferred strength.  

Pricing/Quantity/Servings per bag:  $10 per 2oz bag.  This bag has approx. 25 servings per bag.

*denotes organically grown