Peony Peach

peony peach
peony peach

Peony Peach


White tea with so many aromatics, you won't know whether to drink it or just sniff it!


$8 for 1oz of loose-leaf tea

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Ingredients: Chinese white tea, vanilla extract, rose hips, orange peel, vanilla beans and natural peach flavor.

Tasting Notes:  Light, sweet, fruity and oh-so-delish, enjoy this with a sweet treat to really round out all of its flavors.

Brew Instructions:  1 tbsp  Water temp: 190 for 3-4 mins depending on your preferred strength.  It is not recommended to brew these teas more than once.

Pricing/Quantity/Servings per bag:  $8 per 1oz bag.  This bag has approx. 20 servings per bag.

*denotes organically grown